Farley 2019

Farley Horse Trials BE Novice.

Farley Horse Trials Novice

Farley was my prep run for Barbury, the plan was for a good confident round. The course looked good, a few tricky combinations but nothing to bad and the ground was pretty good.

Unfortunately 2 days before Farley I got taken out by a horse on the ground and was feeling pretty battered and bruised.

The dressage I’d rather forget, I was in quite a lot of pain and it was a case of ‘lets just get through this’ so wasn’t surprised with 41.5.

Showjumping was better than I thought at the time and only had 1 down.

The cross country she flew everything but was strong and I really didn’t feel I was riding at my best but we got round and she was almost too confident. All in all I was pleased but it wasn’t the prep I had hoped for.