Pontispool 2019

Pontispool Horse Trials BE Novice.

Pontispool Horse Trials Novice

Pontispool our second novice I didn’t know much about it but had heard that it was ‘Educational’. To be honest I’m quite glad I didn’t know what it was like as not sure I’d have entered! It was a long drive down and an early start, luckily Michelle said she would come with me.

We walked the course first thing and it was BIG and technical. Half way round I turned to Michelle and asked if she thought this was a good idea, she said “start and see how it goes you can always pull up if you are both losing confidence.” The show jumping was also big but on a surface which is always nice as it’s easier on the horse.

The dressage was a complete disaster I went wrong and Pepper was tense, I’m preety sure it was all down to the fact that I was so nervous.

Showjumping was good, 2 down but was pleased with how she went.

Cross country up next, I tried to remember to breath. I think It took her by surprise a little as she wasn’t as confident as normal. We got to the 4th which was a big ditch brush to a log, I felt like she backed off and I didn’t use my leg. Lucky we got through it and I gave myself a good shake up and told myself that if I wanted to get round I’d have to RIDE! After that we both started to grow in confidence and I felt she (and I) came home with more confidence than when we started, needless to say I was THRILLED!

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