Sapey & West Wilts 2019

Sapey and West Wilts BE Novice.


Since Wilton I have managed to keep Pepper ticking along ready for the highlight of our season, Gatcombe CCI2* Short. I knew I wanted a run just before so I decided to go to Sapey. I’ve never been there before and although it was quite a long journey I thought it would be a good event.

I’d had a flat lesson with Lucinda Fredericks a couple of weeks before which I feel has really improved our way of going and given me some really useful things to help get Pepper more settled in the contact which is something I struggle with.

Sapey Dressage felt like a much better test and we got a 36 which I was quite pleased with.

Showjumping was ok, I got to the warm up and they said I had an hours wait, so I put my number down and went back to the lorry. On our return I wasn’t best pleased to see that my number had been taken off! So another 45 mins later we got to jump. During the wait I had managed to get myself in a bit of a tizz and didn’t feel it was our best round with 4 faults. It was a good reminder to stay focused even when things aren’t going to plan!

Cross Country and the course was good. I was slightly worried by the step down at number 8 as it was massive! Pepper was awesome she flew down the step at 8 with ease and it felt like a great round. As we were walking back to the lorry park, a lady stopped and said how nice we had looked through the water. A small gesture like that really means a lot to someone like me who always looks for the negatives and has massive self doubt a lot of the time, thanks kind lady:)

This comment made me think… I still go into these competitions thinking I don’t belong there and that I’m only there through ‘luck’. I think this is how a lot of people view themselves and it can have an impact on how we perform. Of course there’s always LOADS to learn and improve! However I never feel I’m good enough, which is silly, we’ve completed 6 novices now all clear cross country and although we still don’t have our double clear I should be feeling that Pepper and I are capable at this level, which we are!!

West Wilts

As well as Sapey I also entered West Wilts as its local and with the British weather being like it is I didn’t want to risk Sapey being cancelled and not having a run before Gatcombe.

I felt like I needed the showjumping practice anyway so decided to go and make a call as to whether to go cross country on the day (if I went clear SJ or the ground was good). A nice 4 AM start as my dressage time was 8 AM. I have spent weeks working really hard in the build up to Gatcombe. I really needed to knuckle down and work on things like my sitting trot, counter canter and overall fitness!! Maybe its starting to paying off as I got a personal best of 29.8… Gobsmacked!

Showjumping aagrrr 8 faults, not what I was hoping, lots to work on this week! The ground was pretty solid and I didn’t feel Pepper needed the run so as planned we withdrew which meant we where home in time to watch Burghley, I love Pippa she is such an inspiration!

Next up Gatcombe, eeeeek, Dressage is Friday 13th Sep and jumping is Sunday 15th Sep.