WHL Camps 2019

White Horse Liveries Summer Adult & Kid Camps.

White Horse Liveries Summer Camps

August was a quiet month for competing, after Wilton I didn’t have another event until the last weekend in August. However I was kept busy teaching at Michelle Williamson’s WHL summer camps. One 2 day adult camp followed by a 3 day kids camp.

We had a great week lots of fun and games. People and ponies all enjoying themselves!

My sessions involved riding with music, which I find helps me when I’m schooling some times. I asked every one to pick 2 songs they liked, 1 that was relaxing and one that was up beat. We played them whilst they did some exercises, some of the music worked really well and horse and rider where able to get into a really nice rhythm. All you need is a Minirig (or 3) and you can have ago anytime!

I also did a lunge demo with Pepper, which I think is really beneficial to any horses routine. One of the ladies even had a go herself which was great!

Kids camp was full on with 15 children and their ponies. Lots of fun and games and the traditional soaking on the last day!

Schooling with Music

Lunge demo